Almost every website has some form of an about us page providing company details like team members, company mission and vision statements, testimonials and other bits of information the company thinks people want.  Most of these about us pages are designed around the company instead of the consumer.  A high quality about page is designed around the consumer, in other words it tells the consumer why they should choose you over your competition.  Sure all of that other information companies put on their about page may be useful to the consumer but it the main purpose of the page should be to convince them of why you do what it is that you do.

In order to capture the consumer’s attention you should start with a great headline designed around informing the consumer why you do what it is that you do.  In order to find the right headline you can start by writing down about 50 different options as quickly as you can without stopping.  Eventually you will find the one that jumps off the page.

About Us Page Headline Examples:

  • Why we do xxx
  • Why XYZ is the best choice for your xxx
  • The reason XYZ is the best choice for your xxx is xxx
  • We have a passion for delivery the greatest xxx

After the headline should come a creative explanation of where your drive and passion come from.  Include things like

  • Why are you the best choice
  • What motivates you
  • What is your competitive advantage
  • What do your customers think your competitive advantage is
  • What is your corporate culture
  • Speak about personal relationships
  • Speak about your community involvement
  • Define any unique processes you use to deliver your products and services


Don’t forget to add in some testimonials for the consumers to read/view.  Video testimonials are great but written ones can be effective as well.  Gather testimonials by asking your ideal customers what you provide which they value and what makes you different from other companies they have done business with.  Always use real testimonials from actual clients and don’t be afraid to ask for them.

Personal Story

Next you can write about your personal story.  This section should be written in the first person and should be personal to you.  Consider how you want people to feel when they read your words and ask a few people to read it and provide feedback to make sure you get that feeling across in your writing.  Write about what speaks to you and don’t be afraid to dive deep into what it is that gets you interested, what you believe in, what you enjoy and what drives you.  Include some photograph’s, at least one head-shot and if you have them available, one or two other shots that show the ‘real you’ or your lifestyle. Round it off with a few of your favorite quotes.

Other Information

If you have the option of adding Bio’s for your team members or a company timeline those things can really add a lot to the page.  Some people also like to add information about their top clients.  These things can give you a great way to consistently add fresh content to the page and continue to attract new visitors.

Call to action

This brings us to the call to action.  A great call to action should be on every page of your website and the about us page is no exception.  Consider what you want the next step to be for the consumer, design the call to action around that.  Maybe it’s asking for an email address or offering a free consultation or guide book.


I did not talk much about the actual design of this page because there are so many different ways it can be done that covering them all would be unrealistic.  A few of the main points would be the page should match the rest of your site in design quality and should display correctly on all mobile devices.  Navigation should be clear and highlight each section with titles and images so the consumer can find what they are looking for easily.