Endpoint Security Software

Automated Global Whitelist Technology
Industry Leading Ransomware Prevention
Performance Optimization
Cloud Based Management Console
Remote Administration
Driver & Patch Management
Real-time Management & Metrics
Protects PCs and Mobile Devices
Made In USA


With Device Control, you can easily disable removable storage capabilities to thwart potential malicious actors from stealing private files and data right inside your building.



Making sure your server is always online for you or your customers is vital to business. If your server goes offline for any reason we’ll immediately notify you over SMS or Email


Server maintenance will cause alerts to kick off faster than you can check them; with PC Matic Server Security you can silence those alerts while you’re performing scheduled maintenance.



Servers can be the lifeblood of your business, with priority analysis any unknown applications stopped from running will receive categorization from our team within an hour.

What is it ?

PC Matic PRO delivers the most comprehensive end point security currently on the market. Using our proprietary global whitelist technology SuperShield, we are able to reactively and proactively block more threats than any competitor with a solution that is developed and supported in the USA.


PC Matic Pro Server Security has been specifically engineered to keep servers protected in a world full of malicious threats and actors that want access. Servers are home to your most valuable and business critical information and Server Security incorporates more lockdown capabilities and alerting to ensure you’re always secure and aware. With a defaultdeny approach, our whitelist based protection stops unknown applications from running, keeping your server limited to only running what is known good.

How do we stand out

  • Application control takes a long time to implement and requires IT administrators to curate a list of known good applications. PC Matic PRO’s approach is not application control, instead it uses our global whitelist that is easily implemented with no list curating for IT admins. >
  • PC Matic PRO offers a more complete solution, as it includes whitelisting, patch management, and traditional anti-malware protection and cleaning; all for less cost than competing products.
  • Our dedicated malware research team looks at every unknown sample seen by our users and returns a classification within 24 hours. Unlike application ratings, which can often perform incorrectly, our whitelist has been curated by our research team.