What is Pay Per Click?

Want to rank on the first page of a Google search today? Pay Per Click gives you the opportunity to jump start your way to the top.

Google’s Auction system provides the opportunity for even the smallest company to stand out in a sea of competition.
How does paid advertising work?


The moment a need arises in the mind of a consumer, the journey to satisfy the need begins

Zero Moment of Truth

Coined by Google in 2011, ZMOT refers to that critical moment when a consumer puts fingers to keyboard and begins searching for a solution

First Moment of Truth

Once the consumer has conducted initial research, the First Moment of Truth arises when your product or service is in his or her shopping cart

Second Moment of Truth

Congratulations! Your product has made it into the hands of a consumer, but will that consumer become an evangelist that supports your product? Welcome to the Second Moment of Truth!