About the Project

We are tax minimization specialists. We focus on tax planning and strategies to minimize the tax liability of individuals and businesses and provide the corresponding compliance services.

We get excited about helping people and companies minimize their income taxes. It’s important to understand that we care about our clients. We don’t just help them reduce their tax liability by going through the motions like most CPA’s. Our objective is to fund a client’s retirement, vacation home, children’s education and such with tax savings so that they don’t have to sacrifice their current life style. Businesses and individuals face unique opportunities and require access to tools and resources that will improve business operations, financial stewardship, compliance and results. Our Firm understands that in order to aid in a company’s or individual’s success, we must first understand the needs and goals of the company and/ or individual. No two entities are the same; each functions with its own unique culture of people, operations and strategies, and it is our desire to assist our clients through many business needs. Our Firm’s tag line is bold, honest, now. What that means is that through our extensive experience we are bold in that we are able to take strong and aggressive positions in our planning and strategies while remaining conservative in our approach..

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