Inbound marketing is a very common term, but alas! Few people have heard of it. It refers to the methods used to bring in traffic (hence the word ‘inbound’) to engage them, convert them, and then retain them. Your visitors are brought in by promoting your business’s products and/or services through blogs, articles, social media websites, SEO, videos, newsletters, whitepapers, and content marketing. In fact, it is a more general term for various different forms of marketing.

Inbound marketing plays a vital role in the success of a business and if you have not implemented it yet, you have just taken the first step towards failure. Here are 4 advantages you will gain if you apply inbound marketing today.

More Traffic Equals More Revenue

Traffic refers to your potential customers. Once you implement inbound marketing and start promoting your business through various channels such as social media websites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, etc. you will gain massive exposure and receive visitors to your website regularly. What does that mean? Well, more traffic means more potential customers and more customers means increased revenues.

For example, a fashion designer can market their designs on a Facebook business page and receive many visitors on their website. Of course, the designer will need to target their intended audience and once that is done, he or she will see a boost in their sales.

Enhances Your Business’s Image and Builds a Brand

Communication is the beating heart of any thriving business; without it, the business will wither and die. Through inbound marketing, a business can effectively communicate with their customers through social media, articles, blogs, and videos. For example, a company can provide free information such as how-to or DIY articles on their blogs and social media pages, thereby establishing it as a reliable and credible source of information.

This builds your brand and furthermore, interacting with your customers by showing them a brand personality, offering customer service, and by enabling feedback about your products or services, improves your image as well.

Businesses are Easy to Find

Inbound marketing makes your company or firm easy to find. This is made possible through search engine optimization or SEO. It is the process of getting more traffic to a website, by having it ranked higher in a search engine’s results.

For example, suppose your business has a huge presence on social media. Since search engines have integrated their results with those from social media websites, your brand will become visible by having the results displayed from social media too, and you will receive many new potential customers. This will also make your brand easily searchable among older clients as well.

Inbound Marketing Can Cost Less Than Traditional Marketing

Inbound marketing is relatively cheaper as compared to traditional forms of marketing like print advertisements, radio, and television. You don’t have to put aside a heavy budget for your marketing efforts; it can be done at a lowered cost through social media channels, blogs, articles, online videos, etc. and with better results.

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